#100DaysNoTV: An intro

Hello! You’re reading my first blog post and that makes me very happy on so many levels. #100DaysNoTV has been a little seed in my mind for a while now. But, you know how it is. Life has ways of halting progress and, I have to admit, ‘procrastinate’ should have been my middle name… Although – hopefully – not any longer! 

So, what is #100DaysNoTV?

After realising that we were spending quite a bit of time in front of the television in the evenings, my husband and I resolved to find better ways to use our time. We cancelled our TV subscription and started to write a list of things that we’d like to try for the first time, as well as things we enjoy and would like to do more regularly.

Rob and I quickly developed the #100DaysNoTV concept. Put very simply, the idea behind this blog is to come up with 100 varied activities and every week (when possible!) select a new one to do, then blog about the experience. (Edit: in retrospect, ‘every week’ was a little ambitious 😉 )

What is on the list?

Happily, we ended up with a blend of creative, hands-on activities; relaxing, fun ways to unwind; and a number of more involved mini-projects.

Most will be a single day or evening activity, but some will take days or even weeks to complete. Rob and I will do many of them together and on occasion we will involve our two children. I will introduce you to some of my friends along the way too, when we do the activities that they have inspired me to try.

ABOVE and BELOW: A flavour of the themes I will be writing about . . .

Buy local

Our beautiful Fenland city of Ely features many amazing, and wide-ranging, independent businesses and retailers. So, I won’t need to travel far for most of the ingredients, materials and equipment that I’ll use.

ABOVE: Some of the Ely businesses that will feature in #100DaysNoTV.

I should add that I will not ask for, nor expect, free items from any of the businesses that are mentioned in this blog. They will be included because I believe they deserve the recognition.

Let’s socialise

If you’re on Twitter or Instagram, come and follow me! I would love to connect and update you as our venture progresses. You’ll also find me on Pinterest which I use for inspiration and also, hopefully, inspiring others with my own #100DaysNoTV board.

Inevitably this blog project will evolve as time goes on. I want this to be as inclusive as possible and I’ll be asking for reader participation at certain points!

I am very proud of #100DaysNoTV and I hope it is a place where you feel you can share your ideas and making it an interactive experience.

Bye for now!

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