Charity: Cambridge Roar 2015

This weekend I went to my first ever Tribute Night; not something I’ve ever had an urge to attend before, but I’m so pleased I was there.

As a blogger you can be offered some very cool opportunities. A few weeks ago I was approached, along with other local bloggers, by Cambridge Style Week and The Marketing Boutique to become a part of their new social media team.

The Marketing Boutique provided the PR and marketing for Cambridge Roar (18 charity events in 23 days) and one of the first opportunities for the new social media team was to provide live tweeting at some of the Roar events. Now, I’ve done live tweeting before from a personal perspective, but this would be the first time working for a third-party.

Ahead of the Tribute Night (event number 17 of 18) I was really looking forward to the live tweeting experience and just being involved in a great event. But, I wasn’t expecting to be won over by the concept of tribute acts. So, did they succeed in converting me?

It was a gorgeously warm Friday evening at Quy Mill Hotel & Spa. The Cambridge Roar team had provided a beautifully presented marquee with a large dance floor, a bar and even a barbecue and outside seating.

There were three acts: ABBA Gold, UK Bee Gees and Mike Andrew as Robbie Williams. All are at the top of their game and considered to be some of the best tribute acts around.

Personally, I’m not a Robbie Williams fan but Mike Andrew‘s set was really enjoyable. He involved the audience with a bit of banter and he had a great stage presence.

All the hits you would expect were performed as well as a few Take That tracks too. I have to admit to being a bit of a Take That fan in the 90s, so that was a real treat. There were renditions of some swing classics too; I’d forgotten that he’d recorded Soda Pop with one of my favourite artists: the amazing Michael Bublé.

Next up was the UK Bee Gees who, I felt, seemed to start with a few nerves. But after the first track they came into their own with some, literal, floor fillers.

It’s amazing how many tracks you attribute to the artists who sang them, but were actually written and produced by the Bee Gees. Part of their set was dedicated to some of these tracks. One of the best (in my opinion at least) is Islands in the Stream, which I’ve been humming on and off ever since!

ABBA Gold were the headline act and their calibre really did shine through. Even if you’re not an ABBA fan it’s almost impossible not to end up tapping your foot or singing along. Their outfits were just as you imagine when you think of ABBA: the white dresses and suits, the glossy locks. But, on top of that they sounded just like them too.

An impressive set with two encores! Oh, and where can I get a pair of those boots! They were awesome.

Would I go to a tribute night again? Probably. Would I go to a Cambridge Roar event again? Definitely. I’m a sucker for all types of charity fundraisers and Cambridge Roar is a fantastic concept and so well run by their amazing team.

I used to work as a busy event organiser but even I can’t imagine holding 18 events in 23 days. Incredible effort by a team who must be very tired, but should be very proud.

Bye for now!

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