Day 21: Spa Day

In January I booked a spa day with a friend who was also celebrating a ‘significant’ birthday. Sadly, last minute events went against her, meaning she couldn’t go, so I put on my brave face and went alone. A slightly nerve-wracking experience, but a good one all the same. On Day 21 of #100DaysNoTV the Spa at Bedford Lodge Hotel was my destination for my first ever Spa Day.

The Bedford Lodge Hotel is in Newmarket, Suffolk. The last time I’d been to the hotel was eleven years ago when Rob and I were looking for a wedding venue (we ended up marrying at the Hotel Felix in Cambridge, in case you were wondering!). The Spa is a recent addition to the hotel, opening in 2013. It’s had such good reviews that I’d been really keen to try it out.

I’ll admit I was a bit nervous at first, and when Rob and the boys waved goodbye I felt a bit choked up. Not really sure why. I guess I’m not good at being alone when out of my comfort zone. I was sure everyone else would know what they were doing, where to go and would spot the spa newbie! Thankfully the staff were so welcoming; I felt at ease pretty quickly.

I was given a quick tour and left alone to start my experience. As well as a treatment with a therapist later in the day, I’d booked their Hydrotherapy & Heat Experience, which gave me unlimited access to their hydrotherapy pool, steam room, sauna and rooftop hot tub – lovely.

Before the day I thought the spa was going to be full of groups and couples, and that I’d feel a bit daft on my own. (This probably contributed to my nerves!) But, it was actually not too busy – possibly as it was midweek – and there were a couple of other ladies on their own too.

I started in the pool and spent a couple of hours enjoying the heat treatments and reading my book, before a spot of lunch. When you’re used to being non-stop busy every day, it’s surprisingly difficult to switch off and get used to the silence. It took me a while to zone everything out and empty my mind; the glass of Prosecco with lunch did help a little! 😉

Before my treatment (aromatherapy massage . . . bliss!) I had time for a dip in the rooftop hot tub. It was a tad chilly stepping outside, but I gritted my teeth and got in, and was glad I did.

Once I’d tried everything a couple more times, I sat down for another read of my book – reading in the daytime is almost unheard of for me, so a massive treat on its own! My therapist collected me and at the end of the hour I chilled out in the relaxation room.

Rob collected me a little later than planned to give me a bit more time, and he told me to have a glass of wine in the lounge (you can see why he’s a keeper!). When he got there I was smiling from ear to ear. Such an awesome day.

I was sad that my friend couldn’t join me, and this was definitely a different experience on my own, but I know that she wanted me to enjoy it, and I did. Very much.

What’s your idea of ultimate relaxation? Have you been on a Spa Day? If so, tell me about your favourite experience.

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Bye for now!

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