Skincare: Neal’s Yard Remedies

The wonderfully named Bee Lovely Hand Cream is the only product by Neal’s Yard Remedies that I had ever used and, I have to admit, that was a freebie! (It was in my goody bag from the CambMeetUp bloggers event last March.) So when I was invited to their press event in Cambridge I used it as a chance to really get to know the brand better.

They held the event in their little shop on the city’s beautiful Rose Crescent.  At the time I posted a photo on Instagram with the caption: “Neal’s Yard is possibly the prettiest shop in Cambridge”. It’s absolutely true, and Cambridge isn’t exactly bereft of beautiful shops. 🙂

The very first thing I noticed when I walked through the door was the calming aroma inviting you to breathe in deeply. The second thing was their iconic blue bottles, some of which they had filled with colourful spring tulips.

I was welcomed by Jessica and Sunayah and given a glass of Prosecco (always appreciated!). Jessica ran through their range of products and asked about my current skincare routine. I admitted that I have many bottles of potions and lotions from any number of brands.

My admission led very nicely to an introduction of their wonder product – which was the main reason for this event. Their Wild Rose Beauty Balm was celebrating its 10th anniversary. It’s not cheap at £38 per 50g, but it boasts at least 10 different uses, from an exfoliating cleanser and moisturiser, to lip balm and eyebrow tamer!

Lovely people that they are, they gave us all a full-size complimentary pot to take home and try. It smells divine and the organic essential oils really work well with my skin.

I had a good look around the shop and was genuinely surprised that they do so much. The clue is right there in their name, but I hadn’t appreciated that a large part of their work is dedicated to creating organic remedies for all kinds of ailments, of the body and mind.

In my work as a proofreader I have to sit for long periods of time in full concentration. I bought one of their aromatherapy Remedies to Roll for Study which promises to provide a quick pick-me-up and aid intense concentration – it certainly seems to help! 🙂

My other purchase was a bottle of Geranium & Orange Bath Oil, which I haven’t had a chance to use yet. I must put that right! It claims to bring a sense of harmony while lifting the spirits – sounds perfect, doesn’t it?

As I’m a mum with two young children, Jessica was keen to show me their mother & baby range. As lovely as they are, these products would have been more useful when our two were very small. More interesting to me was their men’s range; not huge, but all the products you would expect to see were there, and I’m sure they would appeal to Rob.

The Cambridge branch also features a therapy room on the basement floor. I didn’t venture downstairs, but after reading through the list of treatments they offer, I’m certainly keen to give it a try one day.

I was incredibly impressed by the knowledge and passion displayed by the whole team. Their training certainly imprints a sense of pride that they’re keen to show. If you’re in Cambridge, pop in. I’m sure you’ll be tempted by a product or two. 😉

If you want to learn more about the work of Neal’s Yard Remedies, take a look at their website where you’ll find a very detailed section about their products and their ethical outlook. It’s a proud British brand that I’m so pleased I was able to learn more about.

Bye for now!

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