Day 26: Cambridge Wineathlon

I’m not a serious runner but over the last year or so I’ve become more committed, taking part in the Cambridge Race for Life 10k and the Grand East Anglia Run 10k. My Strava app records every run I do, and last November I joined Run Mummy Run (RMR): an online community of mummies who like to run and support others. This group organised last December’s Advent Streak. 🙂 On Day 26 of #100DaysNoTV I ran in my first team event with some RMR girls.

The Cambridge Wineathlon was a not-at-all-serious 10k run through the pretty villages of Foxton, Fowlmere and Newton. I signed up with a couple of RMR girls and our group grew from there. Where’s Wally? is a staple uniform at some local parkruns, so it was the natural choice for the Wineathlon too! Don’t we look good?! 😉

Rarely have I laughed as much as I did this day! Although we all used our GPS watches and phone apps, none of us cared about the time. This was a day for friendship & support, giggles & wine. You don’t need me to explain our day; I’ll let the photos tell the story.

Who says once you’re a mummy you can’t have fun? You simply cannot spot a rope swing over some water and just run on by, now can you?!

There were two wine stops along the route and at each we got to sample a different white wine from local producers, Chilford Hall. They weren’t bad, but could’ve done with being chilled. Little tip for next year, guys! 😉

You’d be forgiven for thinking that we’d had more than a tipple of wine. But, we were genuinely just high on good old endorphins!

There was a real mix of running experience among us. We ranged from (almost) beginners to fun runners to seasoned marathon runners. But, for this event we stayed together; whatever the pace, we started as a team and we would finish as a team.

People may say that runners are a funny breed 😉 but I can’t think of another community who are so supportive of what others want to achieve – to the point of selflessly sacrificing their own races and personal bests simply to help others. The way we approached the Cambridge Wineathlon was with support, fun & friendship. It was awesome!

Running can be a solitary or sociable pursuit; both have their merit, for sure. I absolutely loved my first team event. Already looking forward to the next one!

If you like the idea of the Wineathlon, take a look at their website to see if there is one in your local area. If there isn’t, why not contact the organisers and suggest a new location. 🙂


Bye for now!

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