Day 27: Talking Blogs

For Day 27 of #100DaysNoTV I did something I never believed I would (or could) do: I gave a talk about my blog to a group of people I’d never met before. To say I was out of my comfort zone is a massive understatement! But, I survived and, for many reasons, I’m so glad I went through with it.

I was invited to give a talk at a Mummas & More event, and Emily – the brains behind it all –was so lovely that I felt I couldn’t say no. When I told Rob about it, the fear set in: I would be speaking aloud, publicly, about myself. That’s something I tend to steer well clear of!
In a heartbeat Rob said, “Do it. It’ll be good for you.” It was the little nudge that I needed.


There was no set brief; Emily simply asked for a short talk that might help inspire other mummas to get into blogging. I thought it was a lovely idea. When I first ventured into the blogosphere I was clueless, so it was nice to think I could help others and give them a leg up!

The experience gave me a chance to reflect on my 2015 reincarnation as a blogger, and realise just how far I had come. When life is on the manic side with hardly a moment to pause and think, it’s actually quite a useful exercise to sit down and really consider what you’ve achieved – this is true for all aspects of life.

the day arrived

Two other bloggers joined me at the event and it was great, if a little surreal, to meet them after following both on social media: Helen of the stylish and very honest teenage parenting blog, Just Saying Mum, regularly gives me food for thought; and Lizzie whose lifestyle blog, Marmalade Pie, always leaves me with a smile, filled as it is with beautiful images & words.

My ever-supportive Rob took the day off to be with me, and our littlest, Ben, came too. It helped a lot to have them close. Emily was great, and the other mummies’ friendly welcome meant the nerves disappeared much quicker than I’d expected.

Three Mummas – Three Very Different blogs

Helen started her blog at the start of this year, and her refreshing approach to talking about life with three teenagers is always a lot of fun to read. She introduced her new series of interviews with famous parent bloggers. First up was the Unmumsy Mum, who I absolutely adore! It’s no surprise that Helen has a great following, even before her first blogiversary. 🙂

Lizzie lives close to me, and it’s fun to see a lot of her photos in places that are well known to me. She blogs about things that she’s passionate about, or inspired by – which are always beautiful. I particularly love her outfit posts; she’s one stylish lady! Lizzie’s blog sits alongside her shop where she sells gifts, homewares & accessories that she’s handpicked herself.

And, then it was my turn! I explained how #100DaysNoTV was born, and the topics covered on my blog, such as crafts, cookery, upcycling, fitness & fashion. I talked about opportunities that blogging has given me: invites to cool events, working for Cambridge Style Week, and being employed as a social media professional.

I finished by emphasising that blogging is something that anybody can do; there are absolutely no barriers. I wholeheartedly stand by that, and hope that anyone who wants to discover what blogging can do for them, will find the time and confidence to go for it. 🙂 I’m always here to help and support wherever I can.

That which does not kill us, makes us stronger

For a number of reasons this was probably the hardest of my 100 Days so far. To get over my anxiety about speaking in public – made doubly worse when the subject is Me – and give a good account of myself, is an experience I will never forget. I met some lovely people too and it reinforced just what a positive experience blogging can be. 🙂

Are you a blogger? What advice would you give to someone starting out?
Do you want to get into blogging? What, if anything, would stand in your way?


Bye for now!

Emma heart pink slender

5 thoughts on “Day 27: Talking Blogs

  1. marmaladepie says:

    I loved hearing about your blogging journey so far! Such an interesting idea. It was a lovely event wasn’t it and I didn’t feel as intimidated as I expected. Thank you for your kind words about me!! xx


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