Blogging – Time to reflect

I haven’t felt a lot like a blogger lately. Just writing those words makes me a little bit sad; when I began my #100DaysNoTV project, blogging became one of the most important things in my life. In order to look ahead to the future, and stop worrying about the last few months, I decided to write about why I have let things slip, so that I can make sure that 2017 sees the rejuvenation of my blogging life, and I will get #100DaysNoTV back on track. 

Apologies for the lack of photos; nothing seemed quite right for this post.
Normal service will be resumed next time. 🙂

It seems strange that my second blogiversary is looming. My blog at varying times has run at full speed, jogged along merrily, taken a rest at the side of the road, and right now it’s sitting twiddling its thumbs waiting for me to get my finger(s) out and write.

The time that I spent on my blog, in fact my whole social media presence, began to nosedive – ironically – not long after I gave a talk about how much I love blogging and how it had changed my life for the better.

The thought that I’d let it all dry up left me feeling annoyed, upset, apathetic, guilty and anxious – it’s been so exhausting!


Life became *extra* hectic, one way or another. Ollie started Year 1, which is much more demanding than Foundation and needs way more input from us; Ben is now at preschool five days instead of three days a week, with all the extra rushing around (and outfit washing) that entails; and I accepted a contract for work which I loved, but took up every spare hour I had.

These are just three of the major changes that meant blogging had to take a back seat. I won’t bore you with the other stuff! 😉 And, I should say that I don’t for one minute begrudge any of the changes; they’re all super positive, just time (and energy) sapping.

we’re in it together

Most of my blogger friends have had a blog holiday at some point, and for so many different reasons. Reminding myself of that, and hearing their stories, has helped ease the guilt I’ve felt at letting myself down these last few months.

Rob has always been my biggest supporter and we’ve been working together on a few ideas for this year. I’m feeling excited about them already.

Life in 2017 has already started positively:

1. I’ve registered for a 2km Swimathon, 10k run and 50-mile cycle ride to force me to get fitter. No, they’re not all on the same day – I am a LONG way from being a triathlete!!
2. We’ve finally converted the guest bedroom into Ben’s new room, so he’s no longer shoe horned into the box room! Sorry future guests, you have been relegated.
3. I *almost* have a new office which will make work, and blogging, so much easier. Expect many Instagram updates!!
4. I’ve decided to take on minimal work for a few weeks to fulfil some things that have been on the backburner; this should help me to feel like I have more balance in my life! 🙂

fingers in too many pies

Doing 100 different things on no-TV days will always remain the main point of #100DaysNoTV. It was pretty obvious from the start that the days were not going to be consecutive, but I wanted at least to do something weekly. When that has proved too big a challenge, I’ve been pretty down on myself; nobody else cares how long it takes me to get to 100, so why am I so worried? Well, I’m not going to be from now on.

By giving myself breathing space rather than panicking that I haven’t got the next five things lined up (it’s only a blog!!), it should help it all to flow more naturally and I’ll fall in love with blogging all over again.

look out world!

I’m so looking forward to the rest of 2017. I’ll have my new office very soon, the mini ‘break’ from work will mean I can attack my close-to-toppling-over in tray, #100DaysNoTV will be back and I’ll be celebrating my second #100DaysNoTV  blogiversary as a very Happy Blogger.

I wasn’t even sure I would post this. I needed to get it written down to organise my thoughts. But, it’s good to share! Thank you for reading. 🙂

Bye for now!

Emma heart pink slender

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