Day 37: Christmas Wreaths

To get you in the Christmas mood, you’d find it hard to beat an afternoon making a wreath while sipping mulled wine, eating mince pies, all to the background singing of a live choir. On Day 37 of #100DaysNoTV, I joined a Mummas & More wreath-making workshop at Ely Cathedral! 🙂 

Christmas wreaths seem to have gained in popularity over recent years and we had our first ever wreath last year. It was a bit sorry looking; I bought it on a whim from a garden centre in mid-December, and it was definitely past its best! However, it planted a seed in my (not-very-creative) mind – I wanted to make one of my own the following year. I just had to figure out how!

The thought was quickly forgotten once the new year arrived, and it stayed dormant. That was until Emily of Mummas & More announced that she was organising some wreath-making workshops. Hooray! I booked on one for myself and a friend, just before it sold out.

Emily had arranged for a team from Swaffham and Fakenham Florist to teach us how to turn a pile of damp moss and greenery into something very beautiful.

It was a wonderfully organised event and it was clear the florist had done this many times before! At each stage, a member of their team gave us a quick demonstration, and our table was furnished with everything we needed.

After covering our frame with damp moss, secured with wire, we next had to choose from a variety of greenery options. We made small bunches which were then secured to the frame, each overlapping the previous bunch.

This bit was tricky for me. I attempted to make each bunch with different elements to the former, and each the same size – as you’ll see from my finished wreath, it is not even all the way around! Gaps in places, overhang in others… Oh well, first attempt. 😉

To decorate our wreath we had various options: dried orange slices, whole dried limes, bunches of cinnamon sticks, pine cones and twigs sprayed silver, gold or red. I went with the ‘less is more’ look. Once it was hanging on our door, I wished I’d been a bit bolder; I almost always err on the side of caution.

The last thing to do was choose a ribbon. After a brief discussion about which would go best with our British Racing Green door, I made my choice. Fortunately, one of the florist team tied it in a professional-looking bow – ribbon tying isn’t on the top of my skills list.

It was a very special afternoon, made all the better by spending it with (more talented) friends.

Here it is! It was lovely seeing our boys’ reaction to it: “Did YOU make that, Mummy?!”

Wreath-making workshops are popping up all over the place. Have you been to one?

Bye for now!

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