Day 41: Trench Coat Update

There’s something special about a trench coat – you can wear it with almost anything, dressing it up or down. It’s a timeless classic. Affordable trench coats can be readily found on the high street. At the other end of the scale, you can spend hundreds, even thousands, on a high-end fashion label.

My trench coat is from La Redoute. It’s comfy, and I loved wearing it until it unexpectedly began shedding buttons. It’s inconvenient when you’re out for the day when it happens! I sewed them back on, and next time others would drop. 😦

Fed up at that point, I put it in my wardrobe where it hung for ages, looking sorry for itself. I didn’t wear it for at least a year. Eventually, the penny dropped: I should see it as an opportunity to replace all of the old buttons and make it unique to me.

The original buttons were embossed with a crest design, and, I assume, were made to look like antique pewter. I wasn’t really in love with that style, to be honest. It was crying out to be given a more modern look.

Always wanting to support independent stores where possible, I started my button search in Ely. I had an idea of what I was looking for. The difficulty was that I needed the same buttons in two different sizes (large for the main body of the coat; small for the cuffs & epaulettes), and I didn’t manage to find that in Ely, so resorted to looking online.

It took a while as I had the same problem of finding buttons I liked that came in the two sizes. Eventually, I found some from Totally Buttons.

Leaving things to the last minute is a trait of mine (will I ever learn?), and I contacted them to see if I could receive the buttons in time for an event I was going to the following week – breakfast at The Ivy in Cambridge. The service was great and Julie from Totally Buttons sent them out that day, and I managed to sew them on in time. The trench coat was back. 🙂

Fingertips were most definitely harmed in the making of this blog.
Before the next project, I need to buy a thimble…

Joking aside, it was a very easy little project. All you need is a needle & thread, scissors and some new buttons. If I can do it everyone can, and there are plenty of online video tutorials if you need a helping hand to get you started.

Unlike me, you don’t need to wait until the buttons fall off to decide on an update! You could look for a buttoned piece in your wardrobe that you no longer enjoy wearing, and think about how you could personalise it and fall in love with it all over again. I think you’d enjoy it. 🙂

Bye for now!

Emma heart pink slender

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