Day 45: Gift Card Felt Envelope

As children get older it becomes harder to know what to buy them as gifts. I have a group of friends whose children are the same age as our two, and the year when our eldest children were turning seven, the idea of a book voucher, or gift card, came up.

When I was young I loved getting book vouchers (back then they were actually vouchers, like paper money!) as the whole experience of browsing a bookshop was something I loved – and still do! Nowadays, book vouchers tend to come as a gift card and while it is a great present, it may be a less exciting prospect for a child than something big to unwrap 🙂

When I bought a book gift card for a friend’s daughter, I decided to make a felt envelope for it so that it looked a little more interesting and, hopefully, would be something she could keep.

This is how it turned out. To make one, you don’t need to be an experienced crafter; this took me a couple of hours. Follow the instructions below if you’d like to make one 🙂

what you will need

Envelope template printed onto paper or card (see below)
Craft felt sheet
Two small buttons
Piece of card
Craft glue
Thin ribbon around 4″ long
Decoration (optional)

how you do it

Step 1: Print and cut out a template. You are welcome to use mine below – save and insert into a Word document or editing package, resize and print. The template is essentially a square, so adjust the size of the template to 14cm x 14cm for a finished envelope that will comfortably fit a gift card with room to spare.

Step 2: Cut out the paper template and place it on top of your felt sheet. Draw around the template with a piece of chalk or contrasting colour pencil. Cut out the shape and you’re ready to start stitching. I chose to have rounded corners but sharp edges would look good, too.
Step 3: Fold the bottom flap up to the middle and one of the side flaps into the middle. You might find it helpful to go along the edges with a fingernail to make a crease. Thread your needle, and where the bottom and side edges meet sew along the join. This is the trickiest part so take your time 😉 Repeat this step with the other side flap.
Step 4: Sew one of your buttons close to the bottom of your envelope, between your two sewn sides, about half a centimetre from the bottom edge.

Step 5: Turn over your envelope and sew the other button near the corner of the top flap. When you close the envelope, both buttons should line up.

Step 6: To make the envelope more robust you could insert a piece of card. Use the template as a guide to draw the shape required. Cut it half a centimetre or so smaller than the actual envelope. Stick the card inside using some craft glue; hold down until you feel that it’s secure. I used a piece of textured cream-coloured card; you could keep it simple or perhaps write a personal note inside for the recipient.

Step 7: Have some fun decorating the front of your envelope. I had some fabric patches so chose one to stick on with craft glue. You could be more adventurous and make a fabric address label to attach, or sew a funky border. Be creative!

Step 8: Once you’re sure that any glue is dry, pop your gift card inside the envelope and secure by twisting a piece of ribbon or string in a figure-of-eight around the two buttons.

This is a simple way to jazz up a gift card, small present or perhaps to enclose a handwritten letter. Who wouldn’t enjoy receiving one of those? 🙂

If you make one of these I’d love to see your creation. Don’t forget to include #100DaysNoTV for any shares on social media!

Bye for now!

Emma heart pink slender

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