Meet Emma

Hello! Welcome to my blog. I’m really pleased you’re here.

As you’ll see from #100DaysNoTV: An Intro this blog is a long-term project. I guess the best description I can give is that this is a Lifestyle Blog that will encompass a variety of themes that interest me: cooking, sewing, upcycling, cinema, fashion, jewellery making, beer drinking, pampering, crafts and a whole lot more!

So, what’s my day job? Well, actually I have two and a half! I am a mummy to two gorgeous boys (they’re seven and five), I’m also  Emma Smith Proofreader and I volunteer at Cambridge United as part of the team who help Stadium Manager, Ian Darler. It’s a busy life but one that I wouldn’t change for anything.

In my spare time (not that there’s much of that these days!) I enjoy the simple things in life. My idea of complete escapism is browsing the shelves of a bookshop or wandering the galleries of a museum, losing myself to the stories of the classical Greeks and Romans.

As I’ve grown older (and wiser?) I’ve developed a greater understanding and appreciation of style, and I enjoy helping to make our home beautiful for Rob and the boys.

For me, being outdoors is definitely better than being indoors and that includes standing on the terrace watching my beloved football team, Cambridge United. We have outdoorsy children too, so blowing-away-the-cobwebs family walks are a regular occurrence.

Whatever I’m doing, so long as there is a cup of tea to be had during the day, I’m a happy girl!

Join me as I write from our pretty little corner of Cambridgeshire.

Bye for now!

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