Day 23: Cocktail Masterclass

Life has a way of taking over sometimes, doesn’t it? Where’s the Pause button when you need it? It feels like forever since I was able to write a blog¬†post. However, I’m back now and excited to share my stories with you again. ūüôā

Every once in a while it’s great to get some friends together and try something a little bit different. I had a special birthday this year, and that¬†seemed to me like a¬†perfect time to do this! Day 23 of #100DaysNoTV¬†was an excuse to get dressed up, meet with a group of girlfriends and spend a lazy Sunday afternoon at¬†a Cocktail Masterclass.

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Day 22: Gin Festival

Gin + Festival + 8th April = Birthday present perfection for my mum. As soon as this event appeared¬†on Facebook I went to Eventbrite to book two tickets. And, thank goodness I did. The event sold out in just a few¬†days. On Day 22 of #100DaysNoTV the Cambridge Corn Exchange¬†was the venue for Mum’s 67th (ssh, don’t let her know¬†I told you!)¬†birthday celebrations.

I wasn’t sure what to expect from a festival of gin in the heart of¬†Cambridge. I’d been to plenty of beer festivals but this was always going to be a totally different experience! I imagined it might be more like a food &¬†drink festival, with lots stalls offering tasters and selling their wares. In reality, it was a lot more sophisticated than that.

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Food: The High Tea Club

Afternoon tea and High tea

Are they the same, similar or different?

Well, nearly two hundred years ago Afternoon Tea became fashionable with¬†the upper classes who would eat¬†around 4 o’clock to stop the tummy rumbles between lunch and dinner; they’d nibble¬†on dainty¬†sandwiches and cakes with¬†an abundance¬†of tea. It would be a relaxed affair¬†in the drawing room¬†on comfy chairs.

The working classes had their Tea after a hard day’s work and so it¬†was a more substantial family meal, and would normally include hot food and meat; basically it was their main meal of the day. It seems this¬†became known as High Tea as it was¬†eaten up at a table, literally sitting high, with¬†Afternoon Tea¬†taken¬†at a low table.

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