Book Review: Who Did You Tell? by Lesley Kara

I’m going to begin with a confession: before October 2019, I hadn’t heard of Lesley Kara! Then I was invited to a soft launch of her second novel, Who Did You Tell? Not wanting to meet Lesley in a state of ignorance, I bought a copy of her first novel, The Rumour.

Now, I love books but I don’t have anywhere near the time I’d like to sit and read. Fast-paced, gripping books are, therefore, perfect for me. And, The Rumour was just that.

Anticipating another can’t-put-it-down book by Lesley, I started reading my proof copy the day after the book event. Did it live up to expectations..?

The story is set in the fictional town of Flinstead (also the setting for The Rumour), a sleepy coastal town with a population just large enough for its residents to live in fair anonymity; unless you have a secret that would threaten to make you the talk of the town. But nobody knows about it, right?

At the start, we’re presented with a description of Simon, who we soon discover is pivotal to the story. And it quickly becomes apparent that the central character, Astrid, is living a fearful existence. You’re drawn straight in, wanting to find out more about her and why she finds herself living back at her mother’s home, aged 32.

A central theme of the book is alcohol dependence and recovery, and the ups and downs that come with staying sober. It’s sensitively handled by Lesley, although that’s not to say that she shies away from the emotional grip of addiction. It’s hard-hitting in places.

Is Astrid’s paranoia a symptom of her alcoholism, or is she really seeing, even smelling Simon, her former partner? Can she begin a new life, with a new partner and new friends? Or will her darkest secret get in the way of it all?

Each central character has a solid back story, and you find yourself immersed in their worlds; it’s easy to form a view on whether you like them or not – although some of your judgements may be challenged as you continue reading.

The chapters are short, so it’s easy to tell yourself, “just one more, and maybe another before bed”, making it perfect for people like me, who have limited time to read and can’t wait to find out the ending.

And if anyone tells you they guessed how it ends, I’d say are probably fibbing! I thought I’d guessed correctly, then I changed my mind, and still got it wrong 😊

I thoroughly enjoyed Who Did You Tell? with its tense twists and turns. I sincerely hope that Lesley has another Flinstead story in the pipeline!

If you’re a fan of psychological thrillers, hurry to your local independent shop for your copy – you’ll be so glad you did. And, although Lesley Kara’s first two books are standalone novels, there are a few subtle crossovers, so I think you’ll enjoy reading The Rumour too.

If you’ve read one or both of Lesley Kara’s books, I’d love to hear your thoughts on them!

Bye for now!

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Disclosure: I was given a proof copy of Who Did You Tell? by the publisher, Transworld Books. This review is written entirely in my own words and contains my personal thoughts about the book. 


28 thoughts on “Book Review: Who Did You Tell? by Lesley Kara

  1. Rebecca Smith says:

    I’ve heard such good things about Lesley Kara but am yet to read any books by the author – they sound great though! How exciting to be invited to the launch event!


  2. Katrina Downie says:

    Ive not heard of this author but sounds like a good read for these cold dark nights when there is nothing but trash on the tele and football for the hubby hehe. Launch event looked fun with a goodie bag too!


  3. sriches says:

    I have to admit to not having heard of Lesley Kara before, but that is basically down to the fact I haven’t had the chance to pick up a good book in quite some time. I never seem to get the chance to read anymore! 😦
    I like the sound of The Rumour and Who Did You Tell though! Sim x SimsLife


  4. Sarah Bailey says:

    This sounds like such an interesting read – I have to admit I can’t read books anymore so do everything through audible and I need things which are fast-paced as I still can’t get used to not reading it in my own way. So I may have to see if I can get this there.


  5. Sarah Ann says:

    Have to admit, I had never heard of Lesley Kara but I’m so glad now I have. I’m a big, big fan of psychological thrillers – this is right up my street!


  6. Jess Howliston says:

    I haven’t heard of Lesley Kara before but these books sounds so gripping and definitely something I could get stuck into! One of my goals for 2020 was to read more so I will definitely check these books out!


  7. Natasha Mairs - Serenity You says:

    Thrillers are my favourite genre of books to read. I have not heard of this author before, but her book sounds really good. One to add to my TBR pile


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